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BGC Fibre Cement introduces Innova™ on the Inside

Innova™ is a leading supplier of fibre cement panels to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Fibre cement is traditionally used on exterior facades, however Innova™ is changing these perceptions by using it in the interior of residential and commercial spaces.

The benefits of Innova™ on the Inside are not just aesthetic. Fibre cement is robust and able to withstand heavy traffic, it is easy and fast to install, and joins don’t require taping, finishing, and sanding prior to painting.

BGC Fibre Cement, changing perceptions with Innova™ on the Inside.

BGC Fibre Cement is form & function working cooperatively

At BGC, we don’t think you should have to choose between beauty and performance. The home – and why not the office? – is supposed to be someone’s castle. We want to help you make it look and feel like one.

At BGC Fibre Cement, we pride ourselves on an instinctive flair for aesthetic design, innovation and the environment. We distribute external cladding systems, including the Innova™ range, interior lining and flooring products. Innova™ products exude an elegance and “wow” factor to external wall panels and external sheet cladding – elevating any building or renovation project into a solidly constructed, visually stunning structure.

Our Specification Process

Throughout the specification process, we collaborate with architects and building designers because, at BGC Fibre Cement, we believe that collaboration is the key to integrating form and function.

Our process enables specifiers to choose and combine the fibre cement facades to best suit their desired design outcomes with strong, solid construction that both impresses and lasts. To further support this collaborative specification, we provide design files in workable formats to download, such as CAD and 3D JPEGS. It’s part of our distinct dedication to architectural innovation and technological progress.

Facades & Linings

With a choice of both traditional and contemporary styling, we distribute exterior cladding and interior cladding, lining and flooring in a wide variety of designs to suit every taste. Well-constructed quality is paramount, but everyone in this business knows that clients assess first with their eyes. Choosing Innova™ and BGC Fibre Cement means that the first impression will always be “wow.”

Façades & Linings


Finish on Site


Pre Finished

BGC Fibre Cement

A Great Range of Flooring

We offer you a range of floor substrates specially designed for all types of internal and external flooring. With good looks, easy installation and total durability, our floor substrates ensure your every surface gets the best start to a perfect finish. After all, when you strive for perfection, you work from the ground up. BGC Fibre Cement products let you turn even the most basic groundwork into artwork.




BGC Fibre Cement

Distribution centres across NZ

At BGC, we are committed to providing improved access to our quality range of fibre cement products across New Zealand and Australia – and raising the bar for the industry. We know the pain points of architects, builders and tradies and our team are ready to help in any way they can. With our locally based DCs we can respond quickly to all our customer’s needs.

Fire & Acoustic Solutions

The GTEK™ Fire and Acoustic Guide is designed to help architects, specifiers, designers, builders and contractors source their project’s most effective fire and acoustic solutions. It is part of our commitment to accessibility and to elevate the industry and promote safety and durability for every construction and renovation project. The Guide also provides environmentally sound solutions for the attainment of not only environmental certifications but also a better, sustainable world.

Fire & Acoustic

Fire Resistant Systems

Our Display Homes

We understand that different environments require different fibre cement products to suit specific demands. BGC Innova can help provide solutions for all your requirements from our BGC Fibre Cement and Innova™ ranges. Learn more →

Latest Case Studies

Providing inspiration and ideas.

Our Display Homes

We understand that different environments require different fibre cement products to suit specific demands. BGC Innova can help provide solutions for all your requirements from our BGC Fibre Cement and Innova™ ranges.

BGC’s Resource Library

Obtain all the information you need on BGC’s Fibre Cement NZ division. You can access technical documents and much more, with comprehensive advice on product installation and a wide variety of applications.

Product Brochures

View our latest product brochures to help you plan and design your next building project.

Technical Downloads

Our technical download files include CAD, PDFs and 3D JPEG files for insertion into your specifications.

Image Library

Our image library is designed to inspire. See how others have used our products and found their design and construction solutions.


Our videos are informative and entertaining. We produce videos to help you visualise how our products are installed and the design outcomes achieved.

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